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People who help us!

What an absolute pleasure it was for Dr McIntyre and Windmill Dental Care to visit Greengairs Primary School last week. The boys and girls were learning about “people who help us” and invited us along to tell them about dentistry.

The children were told about what to expect when vising the dentist and were shown examples of dental mirrors, gloves, dental visors and even teeth! They also had a chance to dress up as the dental team- I think we might of found the next generation of dentists!

Dressing up as the dental team


They took part in a quiz with great enthusiasm about foods and drinks and how they affect your teeth and learned that we should try to keep our intake of sugary snacks to meal times. They also showed Dr McIntyre how they all brushed their teeth at school while watching a video on their whiteboard. Well done!!

Thank you to all the children and Miss Hughes for making it a very enjoyable day for all.

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