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Infection Control the heart of our surgery!

Dental Personal Protective Equipment
A dental nurse cleaning a surgery at Windmill Dental Care
An autoclave steriliser

Windmill Dental Care will always strive to set the highest standards of cleanliness and infection control within our practice. To facilitate this we adhere to advice from Scottish Government, Health Protection Scotland (HPS) and use guidance from the Scottish Clinical Effectiveness Programme (SDCEP). Some of the measures we take include:

  • We provide regular internal and external documented infection control training to all our staff

  • Hand hygiene measures are in place and monitored

  • Our staff are provided with the correct and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Our staff have received the recommended vaccines for working within a dental environment

  • We maintain and clean our surgeries and equipment using the advised products, protocols and techniques

  • We use treated water supplies in our dental chairs and autoclaves which are regularly tested to the recommended standards

  • Outside sources regularly inspect our premises and provide feedback on our infection control standards. Certification is displayed within our surgery showing we have recently passed our last visits with no actions points.

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