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Private Care

NHS Family Care

Are you looking for that little bit extra ? For dental treatment that exceeds your expectation call today 

Windmill Dental Care believe all patients should be offered quality dental treatment irrespective of income or background. We offer the choice of Private Dental Care to all our patients who believe the benefits of private care outweigh what the NHS is currently able to offer. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Private Dental Care?

  • Appointment Choice: whilst we try to accommodate our NHS treatment  our premium appointments are prioritised to our Private Care Patients.  We offer late night, early morning and occasional Saturday appointments. Appointments are longer to allow plenty of time to complete your treatment in a relaxed pace.
  • Treatment Choice: we are able to offer a greater range of treatment choices.  Many Cosmetic Treatments are not available on the NHS such as Tooth Whitening,tooth coloured (white fillings) on the posterior teeth and Cosmetic Dentures
  • Materials Choice: we are able to offer the latest and best materials available to our Private Care patients 
  • Laboratory Choice: private work such as crowns, bridges, dentures and veneers can be sent to private dental laboratories who may use different materials and techniques and usually are more more flexible in production times.

Can I have a one of treatment item or do I have to join a treatment plan?

We offer a full range of Private treatments and patients are given the choice of "one-off" treatments or joining our Private Care  Plan to receive all the benefits of private care.

Will much does it cost?

Windmill Dental Care will always try to provide value for money rates and provide our patients with treatment choice and option. we believe strongly on quality of care.  Please find attached our most recent Private Care Price List.

Why not call our highly experienced team today on 01698 262698 for further information on our Private Cosmetic Care.

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