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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Care...WE are there when you need us.

Emergency Care

....we are there when you need us most

Windmill Dental Care understands most of us hope never to be faced with having to deal with a dental emergency, but they can and do happen, no matter how good your oral care routine. Are you looking for an NHS dentist or a Private Dentist? We provide both. If you need an emergency dentist give our understanding reception team a call as soon as you can. 


Did you know…

An avulsed (knocked out) tooth may be successfully re-planted and saved if seen by a dentist within 1 hour.  You should pick up the tooth by the crown (not the root), gently rinse with water if dirty (not scrubbed) and if possible re insert into the socket making sure it is inserted the correct way! If the tooth cannot be reinserted place the tooth in milk, saline solution or the patient's own saliva and transport to the dentist immediately.  Do not attempt to re-plant primary (baby) teeth.

Frequently asked questions

I am a registered patient at Windmill Dental Care. Can I be seen in an emergency?

As a registered NHS patient, if you are in severe pain, are bleeding heavily or have swelling we can book you in for an NHS Emergency appointment. If you are a registered patient we will see you within 24 hours. In most of the cases, we will try to see you in the same day if you are calling early, subject to availability.

I am NOT registered patient at Windmill Dental Care. Can I be seen in an emergency?

If you are not registered at Windmill Dental Care will do our best to see you within 24 hours, however this will be subject to availability. Please note to receive NHS treatment you are required to register at our practice.

What emergency treatments are available?

Our primary aim is to stabilize your dental emergency e.g relieve toothache and oral pain. We shall review your concerns and give you the appropriate options and emergency costs. We can also provide temporary dental fillings, temporary crowns and emergency denture repairs.

Can I be seen Privately to have my emergency care?

If you are not registered at Windmill Dental Care and wish a one -off emergency care service  on a Private basis this will be provided at a charge of approximately £75. Please contact our reception team for further information.

Where can I be seen if the practice is closed?

 Windmill Dental Care  is a member of Lanarkshire Dental Emergency Service which provides emergency care on Bank Holidays, out of hours and weekends. Care is provided at Wishaw General Hospital- to access this service in the case of an emergency call NHS24 on 111.

Call today for further information on 01698 262698.

 We are here to help.

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